Hack the planet

Brian Simpson returns to face off against a very annoyed super intelligent security system. The hardest thing about shooting this was trying to make my kitchen look like anything but my kitchen. I put some cookie sheets up, thinking it would help sell a more industrial look, but you can’t even really see them in the final video.

Shot on the Canon R5 with the Irix 45mm T1.5 and 150mm macro T3.0 cine lenses. These things are incredible. The quick shot of the computer reflected in Brian’s eye was captured in 8K (so I could reframe during editing) on the 150mm, and I couldn’t believe I could make out individual keys. Wild.


  • 1 Aputure 300d II w/ lantern
  • 2 Aputure PB6 Infinibars
  • 1 Aputure MT Pro
  • 3 Aputure MCs
  • 1 amaran P60c w/ softbox


  • Canon R5
  • Irix 45mm T1.5 cine lens
  • Irix 150mm T3.0 macro cine lens
  • Tilta Mirage Matte Box w/ Vaxis Black Mist 1/8
  • Tilta Nucleus-M
  • Atomos Ninja V
  • Hollyland Mars 4K